The ecoVillage Vision
"The need of our times"

Imagine a world where you were truly secure, relying not on the vulnerable and unethical model of modern capitalism, but instead on the natural intelligence and reliability of the forces of nature. Imagine leaving the city and joining a rural community, discarding the whole notion and concept of money as you know it, and instead embracing a new paradigm based on self sufficiency.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you didn’t have to play the game of success, being forced to sacrifice your life so that you can try to get ahead of your neighbour to survive in this modern world? Are you tired of the rat race? Can you see how unhealthy cities have become, the darkest most lonely version of the Orwellian nightmare manifesting right in front of your eyes?

Would you be interested to hear of a way to gain true freedom and security? A world where being poor is no longer criminalised, and where money barely even matters anymore. Then welcome to the ecoVillages Project!

There has never been a more ripe time for everyone to consider a new way to live. Millions of people have suddenly become unemployed, and our family security and future are looking very uncertain. We can no longer rely on the systems that held our world and our economy together, but we can rely on mother nature and her great abundance. It doesn't have to cost the earth to live comfortably, and we hope you will think about your future and how you would like it to look, both for you and your children.

This, right now, is your chance to be a part of a truly world changing opportunity. 


How It Works

Our primary goal is to facilitate others to build and live in the most sustainable way using earthship biotecture, to provide a lifetime of self sufficiency with almost no ongoing bills and maintenance. Our model begins in rural areas with a lot of land available at low cost. Our model is decentralised and so homes will be spread out with each person or collective owning their land outright, but are a part of a strong and supportive community.

Earthship Biotecture

That support begins with facilitating land purchase, legal hurdles, and of course the build itself. The community will be brought together through the collaboration and events that we will hold for each build. We will also help to facilitate trade and sales between groups, and do what we can to facilitate a healthy and dynamic community in the area.

Those who wish to join the ecoVillage community will be welcomed to join and collaborate on projects and receive support. If at any time people feel their collaboration is not working out, they can leave the community without it having to have other implications on their personal security. Likewise, if the community feel that a member is not acting in accordance with our pillars, we may also choose to not collaborate with those people.

Features of ecoVillages

This model of eco building removes the obstacles that people face when self building with no experience. Building for the first time is always prone to problems, and we aim to make the entire process as easy, quick and cheap as possible! We are able to dramatically reduce your labour costs by launching workshops and training events around new builds. We will provide building and design plans based on our proven model for free, and guide you through the entire build process from start to finish.

  1. » Self ownership of your land and property with ALL the rights and privileges of ownership.

  2. » It is optional to join the community, and you may leave the community collaborations without risk to your home or location.

  3. » ecoVillages will lead and guide you through the entire process of land purchase, planning, legal, and build work.

  4. » ecoVillages will connect you with the right people for Land Purchase, Legal Fees, and many other services with our partners.

  5. » We will drastically reduce build costs by holding workshops during each build, thereby reducing labour costs by a huge margin.

  6. » ecoVillage will build homes using the Biotecture approach. Our homes will be by far the best performing models that can run completely off-grid, with almost no bills, and little to no additional heating or cooling.

  7. » New community land and spaces will be created by ecoVIllage to support community operations and new ventures, especially for Permaculture and food production.

  8. » Those that choose to become members of the ecoVillage community will abide by the pillars of our community as set out by our members.

  9. » ecoVillage members will collaborate and support each other in many ways, and especially through trade, exchanges, discounts, use of an ecoVillage cryptocurrency.

  10. » ecoVillages will develop and provide the tools and systems needed to facilitate a healthy community trade system, e.g. a website for exchanges and trades.

  11. » An Ultra decentralised and viral approach to both eco building and community living, that honours all of our basic needs.

The vision of ecoVillages is divided into three phases:

Phase 1: Proof Of Concept

We will go through the process of a small build, with volunteers and workshops led by myself and other experienced earthship builders. We will teach anyone interested as we build, so that future builds can happen more quickly in the local area. Most of the common questions people ask who are interested to join ecoVillages can be answered once we have built our first small eco-home on our land.

Workshop priority will be given to those with a desire to move to the area and join our ecoVillages project. Once we have finished building our first earthship eco-home we will then know the costs and best approach to building further homes. We will also get our first home through domestic building regulations so that future builds can proceed without the added challenge of meeting codes without precedence.

Once we have gotten our first home through the hoops, and forged positive and synergistic relationships with the local community and authorities, we can then make it thrice as easy and quick for the people that follow us. We will have all the connections you need to acquire land and build at very minimal cost, and with true self sufficiency in mind. We will organise volunteers and workshops to get the job done with you, with minimal fuss, confusion and expense!

3D animation of our proposed first earthship model. Fibonacci Spiral Earthship 3D Fly through Reveal

Phase 2: Replicable model for newcomers

Once we have established costs and timing for our proof of concept we will be ready to build on a plot with the aim of reselling once completed. Each plot or micro-village would be responsible for their own affairs, and they may each choose the degree in with they are involved in the community activities. Those people who wish to grow food will be encouraged and supported to grow organic produce for themselves and others.

By having our micro ecoVillages spaced out over several Kilometres we will have room to breath and live our own lives. Things will work just how a normal village might, with some people being more social, and others enjoying their own personal space.

When we all help each other to build, we will forge many strong and long lasting relationships... particularly if we are all neighbours after we have finished building.

Phase 3: Going Global

The final step for ecoVillages is for this whole concept to replicate itself in other locations around the world.

Let's Talk About Money Money

We need to stop using money wherever possible, especially for things like food and utilities. By each person doing what they wish to do, we can establish a natural community, each with their own things to exchange such as food or other products or services. Using Websites and Apps, it is very easy to initiate a barter and trading systems for the local area and community.

Removing money from our lives starts with the build process. We cannot yet completely remove the need for money, but we can make it so affordable that most with a desire to live off-grid will be able to afford to make that choice.


ecoVillage homes will be able to provide their occupants with a lifetime of power, water, and comfort in any climate, with almost no utility bills or centralised systems in place.


The ecoVillages community supports cashless trade whenever possible. The less we need to rely on money for our basic needs, the more secure our lives become.


Self ownership of your land and property with ALL the rights and privileges of ownership.

ecoVillage EXPANSION

Once this model has proven to be successful through demonstration, ecoVillage will expand to create new ecoVillages around the world.



ecoVillage is developing its first community as a model to replicate around the world.



Our advisors and board members are great part of our team.

Nick Lankester
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